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boiler gas burner

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A gas burner is defined as a device that converts substances into heat through the chemical reaction of combustion—that is, air and fuel are mixed in an appropriate proportion through a premixing device to make them fully burned. The burner is used to organize gas A device that converts chemical energy into thermal energy during the combustion process. The performance and quality of the device will directly affect the reliability and safety of equipment such as gas furnaces (kilns)!

We are a team of experienced for 20 years, innovative, and efficient gas burner manufacturers. Right from conceptualizing the manufacturing process and creating designs to delivering the final product, we will extend professional support throughout the project. Gas and fuel burners play a vital role in the industrial combustion process.

boiler gas burner System parameters;

1. Gas-fired burner.
2. Two-stage sliding/modulating working.
3. Air-gas mixing at blast-pipe.
4. Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating combustion air and blast-pipe.
5. The hinge connection, can be opened naturally.
6. Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the atomisation unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.
7. Two stage Minimum and maximum air flow regulation for first and second stage by means of electric servomotor with pause closure of gate to prevent any heat dispersion to flue.
8. Sliding/modulating The servo motor which fixed with a cam can adjust the consumption for fuel and air.
9. One flange and one insulating seal for boiler fastening.10.Combustion air intake with air flow adjustment device.11. Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt to head protrusion of the various types of boilers.
12. Three-phase electric motor to run fan.
13.Flame presence check by ionisation electrode.
14. Electrical plant protection rating IP40.
Data of Some Industrial Gas Burners(Just for Reference)

boiler gas burner

boiler gas burner

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