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Asphalt mixing plant burner

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Asphalt mixing plant burner is also called asphalt equipment burning machine, asphalt industry drying heating burner, etc. Asphalt mixing plant can also be called asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt concrete mixing plant, burner is indispensable in asphalt mixing plant It is an indispensable heating machine in the combustion furnace!
Burners are also called burners. According to the fuel, they can be divided into oil burners, gas burners, and biomass burners; according to the objects of use, they can be divided into kiln burners and boiler burners; according to application fields, they can be divided into industrial burners, Civil burners and special burners.

Advantages of the burner:
Burner atomization effect is very good, promote combustion stability, improve combustion efficiency, and reduce air pollution;
The burner has a unique diffuser disc (flamedisC) to ensure no carbon deposits.
The low oil pressure operation of the burner makes the oil pump not easy to wear.
The inlet temperature of the oil pump is 60°C, which prolongs the service life of the oil pump;
The burner adopts a large-caliber nozzle, which has the function of automatically cleaning the nozzle air before flameout and shutdown.
It will never be blocked, and is most suitable for low-quality, high-viscosity oils.
The burner uses liquefied gas or natural gas to ignite, and the ignition rate is absolutely 100%.
The burner can choose "atomizer", air or steam atomizer according to oil viscosity.

Asphalt mixing plant burner

Asphalt mixing plant burner



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