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Oil and gas dual purpose burner

  • Product:Oil and gas dual purpose burner
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The oil-gas dual-purpose burner is also called a dual-fuel burner. It is a burner that uses oil and gas as fuel. The oil-gas dual-purpose burner can be switched to use, and it can be connected to natural gas or diesel fuel to use the burner!
The technical performance and structural characteristics of the fuel and natural gas dual-fuel combustor;
1. Alternate working natural gas/light oil dual fuel burner.
2. Two-stage progressive/proportional operation.
3. Air and gas are mixed in the combustion head mixing, and mechanical pressure atomization.
4. By adjusting the combustion air and combustion head, the best combustion parameters can be obtained.
5. Hinge connection, it can be opened naturally.
6. There is no need to remove the afterburner from the boiler, just remove the atomizing device directly, which is convenient for maintenance.
7. Servo motor is used to adjust the minimum and maximum air flow in the first and second stages; when the burner is paused, the air door is closed to reduce the heat loss in the furnace.
8. The servo motor with cam can adjust the supply of air and fuel at the same time.
9. A flange and an insulating seal ring are used to connect and fix the boiler.
10. Combustion air inlet with flow adjustment device.
11. The sliding flange matched with various boiler flanges can adjust the position of the burner deep into the boiler.
12. Steel adjustable combustion head with stainless steel nozzle and flame diffuser.
13. Two three-phase motors: one drives the fan and the other drives the oil pump.
14. UV ultraviolet photoelectric tube detects flame.
15. The standard electrical protection grade is IP40.

Basic parameters of Oil and gas dual purpose burner;

Oil and gas dual purpose burner

Oil and gas dual purpose burner



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