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What are the characteristics of ultralow nitrogen boiler burners?

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  	What are the characteristics of ultralow nitrogen boiler burners?
The working process of the head lownitrogen burner: All burners have a common premixed combustion, and the surface is stable. This is a twostep combustion processfirst, fuel and air are premixed, and then the mixture is burned on the outer surface of the burner element. The surface acts as a barrier between the two processes. Traditional gas burners mix fuel and air in the burning area, and there are almost always areas where the peak temperature of nitrogen oxide formation is higher.    lownitrogen burner is a kind of combustion device that obtains better combustion parameters by adjusting the combustion air and combustion head, because what structural features can be widely used?    1. The burner is an integral assembly structure with a compact structure.    2. The burner motor is coaxially connected with the impeller, and the operation is stable and reliable.    3. All fuel and airconditioning layout of the lownitrogen burner is reasonable and clear, easy to operate.   4. Through the hinged flange, the burner can be opened left and right, which is convenient for maintenance and operation.    5. Open the hinged flange, combustion head, flame stabilizing plate and nozzle of the gas burner.   6. ​​The lownitrogen burner burns fully, saves fuel and manpower, and can save a lot of unnecessary costs. The work that used to be done by two people can now only be done by one person. The structural characteristics of    lownitrogen burner are not only convenient for operators to use, but also to avoid the pollution of the environment due to oil fume, reduce the emission of garbage, and have a good protective effect on the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in boilers, asphalt mixing plants, oil fields, incinerators, hot blast stoves, foundry machinery industrial kilns and other thermal machinery supporting equipment, with very good combustion effects. If water is the source of life, then fire is the source of civilization, because the development of mankind starts with the use of fire, and with the progress of the times, the way people use fire has become more and more intelligent. Therefore, lownitrogen burners will become more and more popular.    The above is all the content of the features of lownitrogen burners. If you want to know other content of lownitrogen burners, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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