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Biomass burner manufacturers teach you how to maintain biomass burners

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  	Biomass burner manufacturers teach you how to maintain biomass burners
Biomass burner is a biomass semigasification automatic control burner, biomass pyrolysis burner using biomass particles, wood chips, wood powder, sawdust and other organic biomass as fuel. Biomass burners have a wide range of applications, so they are favored by the majority of friends. Biomass burners coking and ashing refer to the ash generated after the combustion of biomass fuels. After high temperature, most of the ash powders melt into a liquid state or present a softened state. If the ash remains softened and touches the heated surface, it will adhere to the heated surface due to cooling, forming burner coking and ash deposits.    Biomass burner features:    1. Biomass burner has no tar, no coking, high combustion efficiency, and significant energy saving effect;   2. The biomass burner achieves clean emissions without black smoke, low dust, low sulfur, and low carbon, and has good environmental performance;    3. Biomass burner realizes intelligent control.   Biomass burner manufacturers teach you how to maintain biomass burners:    1. Daily maintenance and maintenance   1) Always keep the surfaces clean. 2) When the biomass burner is stopped, each rotation of the quick opening blind plate (flange cover) should be lubricated in time according to the regulations, and the lead screw of the opening and closing parts should be coated with lubricating grease. Other parts should also be coated with lubricating grease as much as possible. Parts that cannot be greased;    2. Maintenance and maintenance during operation;   1) It is recommended that the operator be responsible for the usual maintenance of the equipment.    2) Always keep the surface of the equipment clean.   3) Monitor the reading of the differential pressure gauge at any time. When the pressure difference reaches 0.O2Mpa, the filter element should be flushed.   3. Inspection cycle   1) At least once a year, a comprehensive inspection of biomass burners, measurement of the wall thickness of biomass burners, and nondestructive testing of the pressure welds of the equipment shall be carried out every two years. All inspection and test results should be recorded in the technical file of the equipment.   2) When there is pressure inside the biomass burner, no maintenance is allowed. Need to find professional and technical personnel to operate;   4. Maintenance during parking    1) When the biomass burner is parked, the liquid in the equipment should be drained.    2) Close all valves.   3) Thoroughly clean the surface of the biomass burner.   4) All rotating parts are coated with antigrease.   5) Cover all the biomass burners with canvas to prevent dust deposits on the surface of the equipment.    The above is all the content that the biomass burner manufacturer teaches you how to maintain the biomass burner. If you want to know more about the biomass burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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