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Maintenance of Oil Burner of Rotary Kiln

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  	Maintenance of Oil Burner of Rotary Kiln
Maintenance of the oil burner of the rotary kiln: 1) The burner must be repaired regularly to ensure the good performance of the burner. 2) When repairing, simply remove the fastening bolts of the spray gun on the air distributor, loosen the oil and steam joints, and then take off the spray gun. Then remove the nozzle cover and nozzle core, clean with diesel, or replace with a new nozzle cover and nozzle core, taking care not to lose the gasket. 3) The focus of cleaning is on the inner wall of the spray hole and the mixing chamber. 4) When assembling, the fit between the threads should be proper, not too loose or too tight, and at the same time pad the gasket. 5) If the cyclone of the air distributor is coked or the blades are damaged, loosen the flange at the rear of the air distributor, take out the cyclone, and then clean or repair it.



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