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Components of a lownitrogen burner

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  	Components of a lownitrogen burner
Lownitrogen burners are used in the production of boilers and industrial furnaces. Does it mean that the NOx emission during fuel combustion is 30 mg/m? Is the NOx emission of an ordinary ultralownitrogen combustion engine 30~80 mg/m? The NOx emissions of my country's conventional natural gas boilers with ultralow nitrogen internal combustion engines are generally 120~150mg/m? about.    lownitrogen burners meet the green energysaving and environmental protection standards and are favored by domestic and foreign merchants. Under the rated gas pressure, the flow rate of the gas and the damper can be adjusted at the same time to achieve an accurate airfuel ratio, making the burner more efficient, energysaving and safer. Among them, the split lownitrogen burner is mainly used in industrial production, and its main features are combustion system, air supply system, control system and so on. All are disassembled and installed. This machine is mainly suitable for special working environments such as large equipment or high temperature.   1. The function of the air supply system is to provide air with a certain wind speed and volume to the combustion chamber (housing, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire tube, damper controller, damper baffle, cam adjustment mechanism, diffuser).    2. The function of the ignition system is to ignite the mixture of air and fuel (ignition transformer, ignition electrode, electrical fire highvoltage cable).   3. Lownitrogen burner monitoring system The monitoring system's role is to ensure the safe and stable operation of ultralownitrogen internal combustion engines. (Flame monitor, pressure monitor, temperature monitor, etc.).   4. The function of the fuel system is to ensure the fuel required by the gas ultralow nitrogen combustion engine.   5. The electronic control system of the lownitrogen burner is the command center of the above system. The main control component of the contact center is the program controller, which is equipped with different program controllers for different ultralownitrogen combustion engines. Common program controllers are LFL series, LAL series, LOA series and LGB series. The main difference is that the time of each program step is different.    The above is all the contents of the components of the lownitrogen burner. If you want to know other contents of the lownitrogen burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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