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Product introduction about biomass burner

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  	Product introduction about biomass burner
Product features of biomass burner:   1. Highefficiency and energysaving: Renewable biomass energy is used as the raw material, the application cost is lower, and the operating cost is 3060% lower than that of fuel (gas);   2. High heat consumption rate: the design concept of boiling semigasification ignition and tangential swirling air supply, ultralow temperature ignition in stages, the ignition rate is above 90%;   3. Stable and reliable: slightly positive pressure operation, no quenching and defire;   4. Environmental protection and energy saving: low emission of smoke and dust, sulfur and nitrogen, zero emission of carbon dioxide gas, meeting GB13271 smoke and dust emission;   5. The specific operation is simple and clear: automatic feeding is adopted, the specific operation is simple and clear, the workload is small, and the biomass burner is used.    Biomass burner refers to a type of biomass fuel semigasification automatic control system burner. The basic design principle is: the biological pellets enter the high ambient temperature cracking and semigasification combustion chamber through the automatic feeding management system, and the gasification agent is supplied from the bottom of the furnace, and it is fast in the high ambient temperature cracking gasification combustion chamber. Produce highambient temperature cracking chemical reaction to produce highambient temperature fuel gas. In this link, ""sensible heat"" and intermediate products such as H2, CH4, CnHm, CO and other flammable components are generated; through the gas nozzle, it directly enters the high ambient temperature combustion chamber with abundant oxygen and is completely ignited, releasing ""latent heat"".    The above is all about the product introduction of biomass burners. If you want to know other content of biomass burners, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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