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What are the combustion products in Nanyang Biomass Pellet Burner?

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What are the combustion products in Nanyang Biomass Pellet Burner?
The general characteristics of biomass fuel are high, low ash core content, high overall score, low oat value, irregular shape, divided by the nutrient shell (rice husk, walnut shell) and fruit core (corn cob, some peach Nuclear fuel can be burned directly, and other fuels such as sparks and tree branches must be processed before burning to ensure the synchronization of combustion.
To be precise, block, pulverized coal, oil or coal burning devices can burn biomass fuels, but due to the unique combustion characteristics of biomass materials, there are still many problems in burning biomass fuels in these biomass burners, such as pulverized coal. First, it should take the time to make the materials into them. Because biomass fuel is non-brittle, it is easy to produce fibers and not powder when milling, and it needs to be burned and dried. However, high-dry biomass fuel requires a lot of heat. Therefore, some combustion devices (also known as biomass burners) have been developed due to the characteristics of biomass fuels.
The following biomass burner manufacturers briefly introduce these combustion devices to you:
1. Biomass fuel stratified combustion device: adopts the same form of stratified combustion device as lump coal
2. Biomass fuel fluidized bed combustion bed: The fluidized reactor has the advantages of uniform mixing, large heat and mass transfer characteristics, high combustion absorption, less gas device, process control, and high reaction capacity, so the fluidized bed reactor is used for reaction The chemical treatment of biomass by the use of biodiesel is becoming more and more popular.
3. Biomass fuel combustion: use mechanical power or wind to disperse the crushed biomass fuel (rice husk, finely divided materials, etc.), and then burn it in the air. Contact rescue is sufficient, after burning, the temperature is relatively stable.
   The above is an introduction to the combustion materials in Nanyang Biomass Pellet Burner for your reference and browsing. If you want to know more about the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.



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