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The importance of biomass fuel pellet drying in Jiangsu

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The importance of biomass fuel pellet drying in Jiangsu
   Although biomass pellet incineration has a certain degree of resistance to moisture absorption, if the storage environment is too humid, it will still form pellets. The moisture content during combustion will be too high. However, from a technical point of view, the moisture content of biomass pellet fuel will be greatly reduced if the moisture content is too high. Shatter resistance and impermeability. What is the importance of drying biofuel pellets? Let's take a look with the editor below!
Influence of Excessive Water Content of Pellets on Water Permeability
   There is a certain regularity between the time of impermeable water and the moisture content of the material. When the moisture content is too low, the impermeability of the molding fuel is poor, and with the improvement of the moisture content, the anti-permeability ability will increase, and then it will decrease with the improvement of the moisture content. , Until the material can not be compressed into shape. The impermeable hydration time of miscanthus briquette fuel is three to twenty-six hours; the impermeable hydration time of wood chip fuel is four to seventeen hours; the impermeable moisture time of rice husk fuel is six to 21 hours; straw The anti-permeability time of molding fuel is five to two to twenty-eight hours.
   Obviously, the relationship between the impermeable water time and the moisture content of the briquettes can be seen, and the four types of biomass exhibit the same regularity. Within the range of visible shaped particles' moisture content, the impermeable water time increases with the increase of the moisture content. When reaching a certain level, the impermeable water time begins to decrease until the forming fuel cannot be formed. Within the experimental range, the four kinds of biomass forming fuels are impermeable to water The long-term water content range is between 7 percent and 9 percent.
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