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Do you know the different stages of volatile combustion in Xuchang biomass burner?

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Do you know the different stages of volatile combustion in Xuchang biomass burner?
(1) Preheating and drying stage In this stage, the biomass is heated and the temperature gradually rises. When the temperature reaches about 105°C, the water on the surface of the biomass and the gaps between the biomass particles is gradually evaporated, and the biomass is dried. The more water the biomass has, the more heat it consumes for drying.
(2) During the thermal decomposition stage, the biomass continues to be heated and the temperature continues to rise. When a certain temperature is reached, volatiles begin to separate out. This process is actually a thermal decomposition reaction.
(3) Volatile matter combustion stage As the temperature continues to rise, the chemical reaction between volatile matter and oxygen accelerates. When the temperature rises to a certain temperature, the volatile matter begins to burn. This temperature is called the ignition temperature of the biomass. Because the composition of volatile matter is very complicated, its combustion reaction is also very complicated.
(4) The remaining fixed carbon in the biomass during the combustion of fixed carbon is surrounded by volatile matter at the initial stage of volatile matter combustion. Oxygen cannot contact the surface of the carbon. After a period of time, when the combustion of volatile matter is about to end, once the oxygen touches Hot charcoal can cause a combustion reaction.
(5) In the burn-out stage, after the biomass combustibles are basically burned out, without strong interference, a whole ash particle is formed. The surface of the ash particle is almost invisible, and the ash particle will turn dark red. The entire combustion process of material fuels.
It must be pointed out that the above-mentioned stages are not carried out in series mechanically. In fact, many stages are intersected with each other. There are also differences in various stages under different combustion conditions, and there are also dynamic combustion and diffusion combustion processes.
  The above is an introduction for you about the different stages of the biomass combustion machine's volatile combustion. If you want to know other content of the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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