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Does Nanyang Biomass Pellet Burning Opportunities Have Jams?

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Does Nanyang Biomass Pellet Burning Opportunities Have Jams?
   Precautions for the safe use of biomass burners, the safety use of biomass pellet fuel cooking stoves must pay attention to the following: ① Do not use liquid fuel to pour into the furnace to ignite, so as to avoid personal injury. ②When the fuel is burning, the fire in the furnace cannot be seen from the refueling port too close to avoid excessive pressure in the furnace, which may cause backfire and hurt people. ③After ignition and gasification, before the fuel is burned out, *****do not open the spout port frequently, so as not to affect the gasification effect. ④ Do not place flammable or explosive materials near the stove to avoid unnecessary losses. ⑤In normal use, the furnace body and chimney have a high temperature, please do not touch them to avoid burns. ⑥Do not load or unload the fan with power on, and do not insert or remove the power plug with wet hands to avoid personal injury.
   Material jam is a problem often encountered during the use of biomass burners. This problem is mostly caused by improper mechanical installation or use, and quality problems of bio-particle fuel. Once the combustion engine jams, its combustion rate will be reduced, resulting in fuel waste. Faced with the problem of the material jam of the burner, we can take the following measures to solve it.
   1. Open the feed monitoring port of the biomass burner and check whether the biomass particles are mixed with sundries, ropes, iron wires and other items to prevent sundries from blocking the feeding opening.
  2. If the biomass particles are too long, they will block the feeding port. Therefore, longer biomass particles can be crushed, but not over crushed. Over crushed biomass particles will also cause the burner to jam or block.
   3. If there is debris blocking the feeding port, use wooden sticks or other objects to clean up the blockage. Try not to use iron wires or other sharp objects to clean up to prevent getting involved in the screw.
   When the biomass burner is stuck or blocked during use, we should find the cause in time and follow the correct steps to deal with it so that the burner can continue to be used.
 The above is an introduction to the material jam of the Nanyang biomass pellet burner. If you want to know more about the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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