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What are the structural principles and characteristics of Zhoukou biomass aluminum melting furnace

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What are the structural principles and characteristics of Zhoukou biomass aluminum melting furnace
High efficiency: It integrates melting and heat preservation, semi-gasification incineration and cyclone air distribution planning in one, with large heating surface and high aluminum production efficiency;
Smelting: fast smelting speed, low production cost and low pollution;
Convenience: It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be completely emptied, and it is convenient to change the melting type;
Sensitivity: The power conditioning is sensitive and convenient, and can be adjusted smoothly one after another; the temperature is uniform, easy to control, the oxidation loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform;
Environmental protection: use renewable biomass pellets as fuel, low carbon ring, in line with environmental protection requirements;
Safety: New energy-saving furnace lining, active constant temperature, fault alarm, easy operation, and manipulator coordination.
In addition to the biomass combustion furnace, it uses an integrated design of combustion and melting boilers, which has a compact structure and a relatively small footprint. Regarding this equipment, what is outstanding is its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. What kind of planning makes it have such advantages?
First of all, the furnace of this biomass aluminum melting furnace is made of high-temperature refractory materials and equipped with unique baking skills to ensure that the quality of the furnace does not show the problem of roasting. At the same time, a built-in dust collector is planned on the reflector, which effectively solves the problem of dust and sparks caused by the reflector.
The entire operation process of the equipment is completed through the PIC operating system, and the work efficiency is greatly improved when the fully automatic and intelligent operation is completed. Because the biomass particles are burned directly in the furnace, the heating area is large, and the flue gas is reflected back to the orange pot, so it can have sufficient heat and make the equipment energy-saving effect significant.
 The above is an introduction to the structure and characteristics of Zhoukou biomass aluminum melting furnace for your reference and browsing. If you want to know more about the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.



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