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Do you know the operation process of Hebi biomass aluminum melting furnace?

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Do you know the operation process of Hebi biomass aluminum melting furnace?
1. Wear labor protection products according to the rules before operation. Check whether the electrical equipment, furnace body and auxiliary equipment are normal and reliable. The equipment is grounded safely and securely.
2. Frequently remove the rust on the shell of the iron crucible to prevent the crucible and the heating wire from being "bridged" or "short-circuited" by the drop of the oxide scale. The rapid cooling of the heating wire is prohibited, and the distance between the outer wall of the crucible and the hook brick should generally not be less than 60mm to avoid the "bulging" of the crucible.
3. Before operation, it is necessary to check the crucible for cracks. Before the crucible is used (the metal crucible must be carefully painted with paint), it is necessary to preheat it to over 600 degrees to be sufficiently dry.
4. There should be no accumulation of water around the furnace and in the pit in front of the furnace, and no accumulation of irrelevant items.
5. The charge should be inspected, and its type standard and lumpiness should comply with the rules. Strictly check the charge for explosives. To increase the charge, it is necessary to preheat and ensure that it is dry, and the participation speed should be slow.
6. The things used for sampling, smelting and pouring must be preheated before use.
7. Pay attention to the air circulation, and the ventilation and exhaust devices should be normal. In the process of transformation and quintessence, it is necessary for operators to wear protective masks and operate in an advantageous position.
8. When pouring is required at the end of smelting, the ladle should not be overfilled to avoid splashing of the solution and causing scalding damage. It is forbidden to dump the remaining molten metal at will.
    The above is an introduction to the operation process of Hebi biomass aluminum melting furnace compiled for you, for reference and browsing of the majority of boiler customers. If you want to know more about the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.



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