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How does Luohe choose the raw material biomass pellet fuel?

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How does Luohe choose the raw material biomass pellet fuel?
   The fuel particles can use a single material or be mixed with multiple materials. Biomass energy pellets. my country is a big energy-consuming country. Adjusting the energy structure and using biomass energy is an inevitable choice
Kunming's biomass pellet granulation technology still has a lot of room for development, and experimental research is still needed in terms of reducing power consumption and increasing output. Broadly speaking, pure sawdust is used, not the sawdust that cannot be mixed with other species. All kinds of wood sawdust, shavings sawdust, mahogany, poplar wood, and scraps from furniture factories are also acceptable. Some materials must be crushed by a pulverizer to be granulated. The size of the pulverization should be determined according to the expected particle diameter and the size of the die pore size of the sawdust pellet machine. If the crushing is too large or small, it will affect the output and even cause no discharge. Generally speaking, it is more profitable to use wood-based raw materials. Of course, the crushed materials are better, because this requires less pre-processing equipment and less equipment investment.
The area is different, and the local raw materials are also different. For example, there are relatively more trees and straws in the northeast, while sawdust or furniture factory waste is generally used in the south, and there are more rice husks, bamboo chips and wood chips in the south. The choice of raw materials is still needed. Determined according to the actual situation on the ground.
The solidification and molding of biomass pellet fuel is generally divided into three stages: drying and pulverizing stage, pre-compression stage, and molding compression stage, of which the molding compression stage is an important stage. If the biomass energy particles use additives, they should be agricultural and forestry products, and the type and quantity used should be indicated. The EU standard does not propose a specific value for the calorific value of biomass particles, but it requires sellers to mark it. The Swedish standard requires that the calorific value of biomass particles should generally be 16.9 megajoules.
     The above is an introduction for you to discuss how to choose the raw material of biomass pellet fuel in Luohe. If you want to know about other content of the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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