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How should the dust in the production process of Zhoukou biomass pellets be handled?

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How should the dust in the production process of Zhoukou biomass pellets be handled?
   Biomass has the characteristics of small bulk density (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3), low energy density, large space for transportation and storage, and high cost, which severely restrict the large-scale application of biomass energy. After being compacted, biomass can not only be used as a fuel instead of coal for direct combustion, but also can be deep-processed and utilized through dry distillation and carbonization technology, liquefaction technology, gasification technology, etc., so as to solve the economic and practical problems of biomass utilization and realize biomass utilization. Large-scale application of material energy.
   Whether biomass pellet fuel will produce dust and cause pollution during production depends on whether effective environmental protection measures are taken. Dust pollution emissions are mainly manifested as organized emissions and unorganized emissions, and these emissions will pass through the exhaust cylinder (chimney). Sometimes, mixed substances appear in the production process of bio-particle fuel. In the process of drying and adding combustion aid, part of the exhaust gas will be discharged through the chimney. In addition, due to the influence of factors such as terrain, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, distance sensitivity and other factors, the process of raw material stacking will also emit particulate dust in an organized manner.
   The measures that can be taken include: closing or sealing and covering Kunming biomass pellet fuel storage sites as much as possible; nozzle dust removal network facilities; exhaust pipe dust collectors (cyclones, bag filters, etc.); between the factory boundary and sensitive areas Establish adequate sanitary protection distance between each other; establish green belts, etc.
  The above is an introduction for you on how to deal with the dust in the production process of biomass pellets in Zhoukou. If you want to know other content of the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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