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What are the environmental requirements for the use of Jiaozuo biomass aluminum melting furnace

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What are the environmental requirements for the use of Jiaozuo biomass aluminum melting furnace
Biomass aluminum melting furnace is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly melting furnace that uses plastic biological furnaces.It can be used for melting or smelting aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, professional power, alloys and other low melting point matching with non-ferrous metals and alloy casting machines. It can also be used for aluminum liquid pollutants, degassing, and extracting. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and simple protection. It is an improved product that replaces fuel oil, gas, coke oven, and electric furnace, which can reduce the cost of enterprises by 30-60%.
Biomass aluminum melting furnace is used to dissolve low-melting non-ferrous metals such as industrial aluminum, zinc, copper and other low-melting non-ferrous metals with die-casting machinery. It can also be used as waste aluminum and industrial aluminum products to melt into ingots.
Functional characteristics of biomass aluminum melting furnace
Collecting heat and radiation, semi-gasification combustion and cyclone surface, heating large aluminization, high aquatic efficiency.
Smelting: fast smelting, low production cost and low pollution.
Convenience: It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be fully emptied, and various materials can be replaced easily;
Agility: The therapy is convenient, the therapy can be smooth and smooth; the temperature is easy to touch, the burn is less, and the elements are timely;
Environmental protection: Renewable material particles are used as fuel to contact the environment and meet the requirements of regional environmental protection;
Safety: new energy-saving furnace lining, active guidance, fault alarm, convenient operation, and can be used with manipulators.
The above is an introduction to the requirements for the use of the Jiaozuo biomass aluminum melting furnace. If you know other contents of the biomass pellet environmental burner, please contact Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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