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What are the benefits of using Zhoukou Biomass Sawdust Feeder?

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What are the benefits of using Zhoukou Biomass Sawdust Feeder?
The pollution-free and environmental protection benefits are obvious: use renewable biomass energy as fuel to achieve sustainable use of energy. Using high-temperature segmented combustion technology, low NOX, SO2, dust and other emissions in the flue gas, it is an excellent substitute for fuel (gas) burners, electric heating, etc.
No tar, waste water and other waste discharge: using high-temperature pyrolysis combustion technology, tar is directly burned in gaseous form, solving the technical problem of high tar content in biomass gasification, and avoiding secondary pollution of water quality caused by washed tar.
High heating temperature: The technology uses secondary air distribution, and the furnace pressure is 500-700mm water column to ensure the normal fluidization of the jet zone. Continuous feeding and continuous production, stable flame, high temperature section temperature up to 1300 ℃, is widely used in industry.
Wide range of equipment applications: Biomass burners are suitable for coating line bodies, electroplating plant ovens, boilers, small power station boilers, industrial kilns, incinerators, smelting furnaces, die casting machines, drying equipment, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, Food drying equipment, ironing equipment, paint baking equipment, road construction machinery and equipment, industrial annealing furnaces, oil, gas, coal-fired large-tonnage boilers, asphalt heating equipment and other thermal energy industries.
Low investment and operating costs: The biomass combustion mechanism is designed reasonably, and when used in various equipment, the transformation cost is low. During operation, the heating cost of oil-fired boilers is reduced by more than 60%, and the heating cost of gas-fired boilers is reduced by more than 40%. , The best choice for energy saving and environmental protection transformation and upgrading of gas furnaces.
Simple operation and convenient maintenance: It adopts frequency conversion automatic feeding, wind ash removal, simple operation, small workload, and only one person is on duty. Biomass burner is the best choice for the majority of boiler companies.
Wide fuel sources: This burner uses wood and wood pellets as raw materials, which has high calorific value and avoids the occurrence of coking of straw particles.
The above is an introduction to the benefits of using the Zhoukou Biomass Sawdust Feeder. If you want to know more about the biomass pellet burner, please pay attention to Zhengzhou Bona Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.!



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