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Do you know the classification of fused corundum bricks?

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The fused corundum brick of JAR refractory material is obtained by melting the alumina in an electric arc furnace and casting it into a specified specific shape model, and annealing and holding it, and then processing through a diamond abrasive tool to obtain a desired product. 
Do you know the classification of fused corundum bricks?

Do you know the classification of fused corundum bricks?
The product is classified into three types according to the difference in the crystal form of alumina, and the number is the first one is α-Al2O3 as the main crystal phase, called α corundum brick; the second is α-Al2O3 and β-Al2O3 The crystal phase is mainly composed of 1:1, the α phase content is slightly higher, which is called α, β corundum brick, and the third is β-Al2O3 crystal phase, which is called β corundum brick.
The α-Al2O3 and β-Al2O3 crystal phases are mainly composed of about 50%. The product is densely crystallized and below 1350 °C. It has excellent corrosion resistance to glass. Therefore, it is widely used in glass furnace working pools and later. The parts, usually used, are chutes, lip tiles, gate bricks, and the like.
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